Procedure: In addition to liposuction, I am often using a treatment to simultaneously tighten the skin for even better results! There are many great skin tightening treatments out there, but my treatment of choice is Bodytite! Bodytite provides bidirectional radiofrequency to provide contraction of the dermis and subdermal connective tissue. It also coagulates the fat prior to suction, allowing for less bleeding and easier removal of the fat during liposuction.
This fit mama presented to my clinic already in great shape! She wanted to improve the contour of her abdomen and flanks to really highlight all the hard work she puts in with healthy food choices and exercise. Here she is after liposuction and Bodytite of the abdomen and flanks! She is thrilled with her results and was surprised by how easy the recovery process was! She continues to heal, and her results will continue to get better with time!

Performed By: Dr. Chris Schneider 

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