As a gifted and renowned ophthalmologist in Austin, Texas, Dr. Sean Paul will be able to diagnose a stye or chalazion, and will determine the appropriate treatment for you. 

Eyelid Chalazion or Hordeolum (Styes)

Chronic, cyst-like lesions that have not resolved with several weeks of lid margin scrubs and warm compresses may require surgical management. This could be an eyelid chalazion, or it could be an aggressive hordeolum (stye). A chalazion typically develops as a painless lump or swelling on the upper or lower eyelid, or both at once. A stye appears as a small red bump, sometimes with a white head, inside or outside of the eyelid. 

Eyelid margin lesions

Small lesions involving the eyelid margin near the base of the eyelashes are frequently the most difficult to manage. Aggressive surgical management may result in lid margin deformities necessitating further eyelid reconstructive procedures. Local injections of corticosteroids may rarely be helpful with difficult marginal lesions.

Recurrent chalazia

Some patients experience chalazia that recur despite appropriate surgical management. These chalazia should be biopsied to determine if an occult malignant lesion, such as sebaceous cell carcinoma, exists so that the next steps for treatment can be taken. 

Chalazion surgery

Topical eye drops and a local injection provide anesthesia to the eyelid area. A chalazion clamp will be applied to the affected area to help evert and stabilize the eyelid during the procedure. A posterior incision on the inside of the eyelid, excision of the posterior cyst-like wall, and curettage of the involved area is performed as an office procedure with local anesthetic.

Less frequently, an anterior incision is made through the skin if the lesion is “pointing” through the skin. If the skin overlying a chalazion or stye has become thin and damaged due to chronic inflammation, then suture wound repair is occasionally indicated. Eye patches are not typically needed. A combined antibiotic-steroid eye drop (day use) and/or ointment (evening use) may be prescribed for one week.

Recovery from chalazion surgery

Ice packs should be applied the first few days following the procedure, and then warm compresses may be resumed. Recovery from chalazion and stye surgery varies from patient to patient and will depend on the size, number, and location of the chalazia requiring removal. Swelling and redness of the area will be the most apparent during the first three to four days, and will slowly decrease over a few weeks. Some drainage may be experienced for up to two to three weeks as most of the wound healing occurs on the inside of the eyelid. During this time, the eyelids may occasionally stick together, particularly upon awakening. The recovery from chalazion and stye surgery tends to be longer than other limited eyelid procedures (biopsies, mole or skin tag removal, etc.).

Providers who perform Eyelid Chalazion at Austin Face & Body

Dr. Sean Paul

Dr. Sean Paul is the founder of Austin Face & Body. As a widely published surgeon who has traveled all over the world to speak, Dr. Paul is renowned and highly regarded in his industry. He specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial plastic surgery in Austin, and is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

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Dr. David Gay

A passionate and highly regarded board certified surgeon who is known for incredible results, wonderful bedside manner, and selfless humanitarian work, Dr. David Gay represents everything the medical profession should be.

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