Austin Otoplasty and Ear Lobe Repair

It’s very common for individuals to be unhappy with the appearance of their ears. Whether the problem comes from birth, an injury, or a regrettable choice, our skilled surgeons at Austin Face & Body can help. 

What can ear surgery accomplish?

When you dislike the appearance of your ears, it can make you look for ways to hide them. This can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and life, but otoplasty and other ear procedures can greatly help. Our Austin otoplasty and ear lobe repair treatments can address:

  • Ears that stick out from the head
  • Misshapen ears due to birth defect or injury
  • Overly-large ears
  • Ear lobes that have become elongated 
Ear Lobe Repair in Austin

Otoplasty at Austin Face & Body

Austin Otoplasty Procedure by Austin Face and Body

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Austin otoplasty 

If you’re unhappy with the shape, position, or size of your ears, we perform otoplasty at Austin Face & Body to improve these areas of concern. Otoplasty can address ears that stick out from the head, are misshapen (from either a natural defect or an injury), or if your ears are too large. Otoplasty must be performed by a specialist, and if it’s being done on a child, it must be performed only once the ears have fully developed. 

Austin ear lobe repair

Previously, the most common reasons for ear lobe repair in Austin were aging or trauma. But after years of wearing earrings, especially heavy ones, the ear lobes can get stretched out. And these days, we commonly see ear lobes that have been stretched out intentionally with ear gauges. In mild cases dermal fillers can be successfully used to add volume and firmness to the ear, but in more severe cases, surgery is done to correct the earlobe and restore it to its natural appearance.

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What to expect

With ear lobe repair, during your initial evaluation your ear will be examined to determine the best approach. If filler is selected, it can sometimes be done the same day as your consultation. If surgery is required, it will be scheduled at a later date. The surgery can usually be done in office, under local anesthesia. It’s highly recommended that you bring someone with you to drive you home after your procedure, and if you receive any relaxing medications, it is required. Ear lobe surgery is considered a low-risk procedure, with the main risks  being mild infection and scar formation.

With otoplasty, the procedure can be done with either sedation and local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on your condition and age, and takes about two hours. The technique used will also depend on your condition. The incisions may be made on the back of the ears or in the inner creases of the ears. 

Austin Otoplasty

Recovery from otoplasty and ear lobe surgery

After ear lobe surgery, most patients feel very comfortable in returning to work after one to two days; however, some patients take up to a week off. Pain is typically mild and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications. Maximum bruising and swelling occurs 48 to 72 hours post-surgery, and begins to subside on the fourth or fifth day after surgery.

After otoplasty, your ears will be covered in bandages for a few days. This is to ensure support and protection. Some patients experience discomfort and itchiness around their ears. Your surgeon can recommend or prescribe medications for this. Pressure should be kept off your ear(s), and touching them should be avoided. Once your bandages are removed, most likely your ears will be red and swollen, but you will also be able to see improvement in the appearance. You will be given a garment to wear at night for two to six weeks that will continue to protect your ears.

Why choose us for otoplasty in Austin?

Austin Face and Body brings together top specialists from all over the country to Austin, Texas to provide the highest level of patient care. Founded in 2020 by Dr. Sean Paul, our practice consists of oculofacial plastic surgeons, full body and women's health plastic surgeons, and rhinoplasty and face lift surgeons that collaborate to bring their patients the best service and results. From the moment you call us for a consultation to your follow-up appointments, you are in excellent hands with Austin Face & Body. To learn more or make an appointment for an Austin ear lobe repair or otoplasty, please call 512-559-3544v or contact us online.

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