Elevate Confidence with Breast Augmentation

There’s a good reason that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. A properly-performed breast augmentation has the ability to greatly improve a woman’s confidence, self-image, and quality of life. At Austin Face & Body, we are proud to help women who seek to make this change for themselves. 

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a more than a surgery; it's also an art. When considering implants for a patient, Dr. Linville will take into consideration her body type, medical history, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic goals to determine how to get the best results possible. From the moment you meet with us for your breast augmentation in Austin to your follow-up appointments, you will be in excellent hands.

With breast augmentation, patients can:

  • Enhance the size of the breasts
  • Improve symmetry of the breasts
  • Adjust uneven breasts
  • Get better body proportion
  • Restore lost volume from pregnancy or weight loss

What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

  • Creates a rounder, fuller breast profile
  • Balances the figure
  • Improves wardrobe choices
  • Amplifies self-confidence
  • Reshapes the physique after pregnancy or massive weight loss
  • Rewinds the clock on the aging process
  • Many different sizes, shapes, and textures of implants to choose from
  • Long-lasting changes
  • A personalized, natural-looking outcome

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation?

If you’re unhappy with the size, shape, or asymmetry of your breasts, breast augmentation surgery in Austin with our skilled team may be right for you. A good candidate for a breast augmentation should be physically healthy, should have fully-developed breasts, should not be pregnant or breastfeeding, and should have realistic expectations of what the surgery can accomplish.

Dr. Chris Schneider and female patient

What will be discussed during the consultation?

What to expect

Dr. Linville will thoroughly go over a step-by-step of the surgery, downtime, recovery, and results. 


Implants can be placed over or partially under the chest muscle. This is a topic of discussion for the consultation, when you can freely ask any questions. 

Implant type, shape, and size

We use only FDA-approved implants. Together, we will determine which type, size, and shape is right for your body type and goals.

Type of incisions/scars

Many patients are concerned about where the incisions will be made, and what the scars may look like. Dr. Linville will be happy to answer this and explain the different types of incisions. 


The cost of a boob job in Austin can only be determined after a consultation. This is because the cost will depend on the type of implant that is chosen and the complexity of the surgery.

Your lifestyle

Your day-to-day lifestyle will be considered when determining which implant is ideal for you. 

What are my breast implant options?

Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are often chosen for their safety, as the sterile saltwater inside can be harmlessly absorbed by the body in the rare event of rupture. Additionally, saline implants can be inserted unfilled, providing the patient with the option of smaller, shorter incisions. Saline implants may also be more cost-effective than their silicone counterparts.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants are known for their realistic feel and appearance. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so the patient can customize their look. In the unlikely event of rupture, it may not be possible to detect a compromised implant right away, so it’s important that patients undergo regular MRI’s. Silicone implants are approved for patients over the age of 22.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy bear implants are made with cohesive gel and are considered “form-stable,” meaning they hold their shape regardless of chest movement. While they are more expensive, gummy bear implants typically come with a lower risk of complications such as capsular contracture. They are also less likely to ripple than their counterparts.

Real Patient Breast Augmentation Results

What can I expect during my breast augmentation procedure?

Breast augmentation is typically an outpatient procedure that takes one to two hours. General anesthesia is normally used. Dr. Linville will carefully make the incisions and insert the implants with skilled precision and care. They will either be placed behind the breast tissue or underneath the chest muscle. The location of the incisions, type of implant, and where they are placed will be discussed in person so that your questions can be more easily answered. 

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After your breast augmentation, it is very important to allow your body to fully heal before returning to work and continuing your regular activities. Patients should take at least a week off from work, or three if your job is physically strenuous. Around the two-month mark, you should be fully recovered. Dr. Linville will give you detailed instructions for aftercare, and will prescribe medications to help with any discomfort. He will also let you know when you can resume exercise and other activities. 


After your breast augmentation, you will be given a protective bra or elastic band to wear which will support your breasts as you heal. You should wear this for about a week, after which you can begin wearing a soft bra without an underwire. You will need someone with you for 24 hours post-surgery, and you should be able to shower 48 hours post-op (Dr. Linville will let you know if otherwise). Make sure to take about five short, simple “walks” around your home daily to help prevent blood clots. 

Breast Augmentation FAQ 

How long do I need to sleep on my back after breast augmentation?

Sleeping on your back after breast augmentation is an essential part of the overall healing process. You will need to maintain this new sleeping position for at least six to eight weeks. Stomach sleeping during this time is not safe, as it places unnecessary pressure on your implants.

Can I still breastfeed after getting implants?

Most women are able to safely breastfeed with implants. Breast implants are placed between the chest wall and breast, and they don’t interfere with the breast ducts or mammary glands, which is where milk is excreted from. Some glandular tissue may be removed, but generally, enough is left to enable milk production after surgery.

Do I need to replace my breast implants?

The FDA recommends replacing silicone and saline breast implants every ten years. The reasoning behind this recommendation is the longer implants are in place, the higher the risk of a complication, such as deflation or rupture.

Can breast augmentation reduce the appearance of sagging skin?

Breast augmentation can improve the size, shape, and projection of your breasts – but it generally can’t help with sagging breast tissue. In these cases, a breast lift may be recommended to restore a perky and elevated chest.

Are there any risks or possible complications with breast augmentation?

While breast augmentation is generally safe, like any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications. These may include infection, changes in nipple sensation, and implant rupture. It's essential to discuss these factors thoroughly with your surgeon to make an informed decision.

What steps can I take to minimize scarring after breast augmentation surgery?

To minimize scarring after breast augmentation surgery, follow your surgeon's postoperative care instructions carefully, including proper wound care and avoiding activities that could strain the incision sites. Additionally, consider using scar-reducing treatments recommended by your surgeon, such as silicone gel or sheets.

Providers who perform Breast Augmentation at Austin Face & Body

Dr. Chris Schneider

Dr. Chris Schneider is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who also specializes in microsurgery. He is a native Texan who is proud to return home to the Lone Star State after nearly a decade of intense surgical training.

Dr. Chris Schneider »

Dr. Cain Linville

Double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Cain Linville is an outstanding cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who delivers exceptionally patient-centric care.

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