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At Austin Face & Body, we are pioneers of a holistic approach to plastic surgery. We offer the traditional cosmetic procedures, injectables, and therapies – but we combine them with a special emphasis on wellness.

While some consider plastic surgery to be a “quick fix,” this approach is the opposite. It involves preparing our patients for surgery – mentally, physically, and nutritionally – to ensure that they look and feel their best, long after the procedure is complete. 

What does holistic plastic surgery entail?

In holistic plastic surgery, we take into account everything that influences your appearance and the aging process. During your private consultation at our Austin office, we will discuss the cosmetic surgery or treatment you’re interested in, as well as:

  • Your current diet and exercise plan
  • The ingredients and chemicals in your skincare products
  • The amount of sun and pollution you’re exposed to daily
  • And more

By considering your environment, lifestyle habits, and dietary needs, we create a whole-body approach that works with your procedures to slow down your signs of aging and regain your youthful appearance. 

What to expect from this approach

In practice, holistic plastic surgery looks like you’re completely prepared for a successful procedure. For example, to prepare a patient for liposuction, we may guide them in creating a pre- and post-surgical nutrition and exercise plan. This will not only get them in the best possible physical shape for surgery – but it will also help them maintain their results long-term.

When preparing for surgery, we will help you:

  • Adopt new healthy habits
  • Improve your diet and exercise routine
  • Create a healthy lifestyle balance

In other words, it’s not just surgery. It’s a lifestyle that’s designed to make you look and feel as healthy as possible. 

Austin Face & Body

What are the benefits?

  • Long-lasting results. If we perform plastic surgery to resolve an aesthetic concern, but the underlying cause is not addressed, you will eventually begin to see the signs of your lifestyle choices again. But, if you combine a healthy diet, a consistent exercise program, and plastic surgery – you’ll see long-lasting results that look and feel terrific. 
  • A better recovery. By focusing on nutrition and wellness before your procedure, we can ease the surgical burden on the body and speed your recovery period. This can result in less pain and bruising. In some cases, you will be able to move around after surgery much more quickly than normal.

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If you’re interested in learning more about holistic plastic surgery, please contact Austin Face & Body today and schedule a consultation. 

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