Oncoplastic reconstruction involves reconstructing the breast mounds at the time of mastectomy or lumpectomy. There are many advantages to this, as it can help provide a seamless, natural-looking result and can also mitigate the emotional stress of undergoing breast cancer treatment. 

Dr. Schneider is an experienced, trusted breast reconstruction surgeon who has helped thousands of women to regain their quality of life and peace of mind. Utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art techniques, he is able to create a chest appearance that is beautifully nuanced and elegant.

What is oncoplastic reconstruction?

After an oncologist removes the breast cancer through mastectomy, a plastic surgeon can be brought in to perform the reconstruction process. In cases where lumpectomy is performed, the plastic surgeon can use flap surgery to fill in the removed defect, establishing symmetry and balance in the breasts. This is known as oncoplastic reconstruction because it combines the two treatments into a single session. Patients can undergo oncoplastic reconstruction before radiation.

Dr. Schneider has extensive expertise when it comes to oncoplastic reconstruction. Using microsurgery, he can create a local TDAP or ICAP flap made from the patient’s own skin, fat, and tissue. In more complex instances, he can create a DIEP or PAP flap to recreate the breast mounds. 

In addition, Dr. Schneider can perform a breast lift to ensure chest symmetry, refining the appearance of the nipples. After lumpectomy, Dr. Schneider can perform breast reduction to reshape the breasts, compensating for the removal of the tumor. 

What are the benefits?

  • Preserves the greatest amount of remaining breast tissue
  • Enhances breast symmetry
  • Breast cancer removal and reconstruction can be performed in a single session
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be completed prior to radiation
  • Can entail a breast reduction or breast lift
  • Can help to combat lumpectomy-related defects
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Provides a sense of relief and closure
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Who is a good candidate for oncoplastic reconstruction?

Patients with larger breasts to begin with who will be happy with a slight reduction in their bust will make excellent candidates for oncoplastic reconstruction, as will those with smaller tumors. Dr. Schneider will evaluate you physically during your private consultation and will create a treatment plan that is uniquely suited to your needs. 

What will my recovery entail?

Due to the complexity and delicacy of the surgery, oncoplastic reconstruction recovery typically lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. The precise amount of recovery time will vary from person to person, based on the extent of the work performed and on the rate of your own healing mechanisms. The majority of your swelling and bruising will dissipate within the first week or two, and scarring will fade with time. Dr. Schneider is careful to create incisions that are well-hidden and inconspicuous.  

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Providers who perform Oncoplastic Reconstruction at Austin Face & Body

Dr. Chris Schneider

Dr. Chris Schneider is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who also specializes in microsurgery. He is a native Texan who is proud to return home to the Lone Star State after nearly a decade of intense surgical training.

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Why choose Austin Face & Body?

Founded as a leading sanctuary for aesthetic excellence, Austin Face & Body has quickly risen to become among the top destinations for natural-looking breast reconstruction results. From our compassionate, experienced practitioners to our advanced, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities, we strive to create a patient experience that is rewarding and empowering. We want to make a difference in our patients’ lives, and that means conducting in-depth consultations where we practice active listening to ascertain your true goals, concerns, and wishes. 

Dr. Chris Schneider is a consummate artist when it comes to breast reconstruction. Thanks to his elite background in the complex and delicate practice of microsurgery, Dr. Schneider is able to perform the intricate flap procedures most appropriate for your unique needs. Dr. Schneider’s approach is patient-centric; he carefully tailors your treatment plan to reflect your aesthetic sensibilities and comfort levels. He is a welcoming source of support for women who have experienced breast cancer, providing them with enhanced confidence and a better quality of life. 

After graduating from the Texas A&M University College of Medicine, Dr. Schneider was matched with his top choice for his general surgery residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. He then further refined his skills in plastic surgery at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, studying under one of the pioneers in the field of microsurgery, Dr. Bob Allen, the surgeon who performed the first DIEP flap reconstruction procedure. 

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