Full, shapely eyebrows frame the face beautifully, accentuating the eyes and helping to provide more expression. Once the eyebrows begin to thin out, they can draw unwanted attention and take away from your attractive appearance. We provide an eyebrow transplant at Hair of Austin at Austin Face & Body for patients who would like to achieve or restore thick, healthy, more dramatic eyebrows. 

What is an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is an advanced transplantation technique that uses your own transplanted hair follicles to achieve thick, full eyebrows. An eyebrow transplant creates thicker, attractive brows with your own natural hair follicles, achieving beautiful, natural results. An eyebrow transplant eliminates the need for microblading, makeup, or tattoos. 

Eyebrow transplants must be performed precisely and artistically, based on your natural features and brows. During an eyebrow transplant, the brows are designed to create a perfectly nuanced and natural appearance that perfectly compliments your face, and the results are considered permanent.  

Woman with dark skin and full eye brows looking at the camera

Your customized eyebrow transplant

Because every face is unique, every individual requires a customized, individual eyebrow restoration procedure, specially tailored to their specific condition and to the individual aspects of their facial structure. 

Whether you are dealing with hairless brows or bald spots in your brows, or you’d like an enhancement to achieve a thicker appearance of the eyebrows that are actually there, your eyebrow transplant will be performed to suit your needs. 

After your eyebrow transplant procedure, fuller, richer, and more dramatic eyebrows are achieved, resulting in a more attractive shape and frame for your eyes and face.

What are the benefits of an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant achieves a range of benefits for people who would like to achieve thicker, fuller eyebrows. This procedure has become more and more popular as the thick eyebrow trend that started well over a decade ago in the beauty world is here to stay. 

Benefits include the following:

  • Thick, full eyebrows that frame the eyes and face
  • Enhances the appearance and expression of the face
  • Results are considered permanent
  • No hassle or problems with the eyebrows
  • New eyebrows can be treated exactly like natural brows
  • Scars or burn marks are hidden
  • No need for microblading or tattoos
  • No makeup is required to define and accentuate the brows
  • Minimally-invasive treatment
  • Minimal downtime required
  • No linear scarring

What happens during an eyebrow transplant?

We will begin with a thoughtful, detailed consultation that includes an examination of your brows, face and skin. Based on your natural features and aesthetic preferences, a transplantation plan will be created to achieve the eyebrow appearance you want. This important step is never rushed. You will have all the time you want to discuss and review your options and your transplantation plan until you’re fully satisfied and confident. 

Your transplantation procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Thick, healthy hair follicles in the back of your scalp are harvested, then meticulously placed in your eyebrows, filling and thickening their appearance and achieving your ideal eyebrow shape. This step is performed artistically and meticulously to achieve beautiful, detailed results. 

The results are completely natural looking. The transplanted hairs are placed at the proper angle so that they grow in the natural shape of the brow. These hairs will continue to grow as your natural hairs would. Your eyebrow transplant will take from 2 to 5 hours. 

Recovery after eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant requires no downtime. You can return home after the procedure. Immediately after your transplantation surgery, there will be scabbing around your eyebrows. We will provide serums and lotions to help with this, including instructions for use. Any pain can be well managed by over-the-counter pain killers. 

Scabbing or redness will resolve after a few days to a week. Most patients return to work after one to two days, but this varies depending on comfort level. During your recovery period, stay out of the sun, and do not go swimming or use a sauna or steam room. Get rest as needed and avoid any strenuous exercise.

Woman with green eyes and full eyebrows looks at the camera

Results after eyebrow transplant

The new hair often appears to fall out in the weeks following the transplant. This is normal and the follicles are still present. New hair growth typically begins around 3 months after the transplant with results fully achieved at 1 year. From this point forward, results are considered permanent.

Who is a candidate for an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow hair loss is actually fairly common, caused by a number of reasons. These include hormonal changes, infection, nutritional deficiencies, skin conditions, stress, overplucking, and even an overactive immune system that attacks and targets the hair follicles.

Any person who would like to achieve thicker, more attractive eyebrows is a likely candidate for an eyebrow transplant in Austin with our team. 

Ideal candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Have no serious health concerns and are generally healthy
  • Do not smoke
  • Have no skin infections or outbreaks on or around the eyebrows
  • Have thin or patchy eyebrows
  • Have adequate hair supply in the donor area (the back of the head)

Why undergo dermablading or tattooing when you can get a permanent result with an eyebrow hair transplant?

With recent advances in hair transplant technology, there is a new, cutting-edge way to enhance the eyebrows. Brow transplants are performed under local anesthesia and take 1-2 hours to perform. Individual hair follicles are obtained from a donor site – typically the back or side of the head – and transferred to the brows, creating a more attractive appearance. 

While the price tag for brow transplants is a bit higher, the procedure comes with fewer risks and less discomfort than dermablading and tattooing, making it a popular choice for patients seeking a boost in self-confidence. And because results are considered permanent after brow transplantation, the treatment is more cost-effective than its counterparts in the long run. 

In terms of results, brow transplants can produce balanced, elevated arches, improved brow symmetry, and natural framing for the eyes. Your outcome can be highly customized to your facial shape and unique preferences. Brow transplants tend to offer satisfying outcomes for patients, as the new hairs appear authentic, as though they have always been there. Unlike with dermablading and tattooing, there are no touch-ups required with brow transplants. And recovery takes just 3-6 days.

Why choose Hair of Austin for an eyebrow transplant?

The Austin Face and Body experience is all about you. We provide outstanding results in a wide range of surgical and minimally-invasive treatments, including stunning, custom hair restoration.

Founded by Dr. Sean Paul, Hair of Austin at Austin Face and Body represents a collective team of some of the finest surgeons in the nation. Your care is personalized and compassionate, provided with the most modern technology and techniques. We welcome you to our luxurious, high-end practice, where you can relax in the hands of the very best. Please call today for a consultation.

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