A Beautiful, Natural Looking Facelift in Austin

For those who want to take years off their appearance, facelift surgery at Austin Face & Body achieves outstanding results. Our gifted surgeons are able to perform the newest and most effective treatments to make you look your absolute best.  

What can a facelift accomplish?

Smooth facial contours and toned mid-face and cheek areas are the mark of youth and beauty. Your facelift in Austin can beautifully and naturally restore the youthful contour and three-dimensional projection in the mid-face area. Fat may also be transferred to the face during a mid-face lift to maximize contour and projection.

Middle aged woman with full face of makeup and serious facial expression

When is a facelift needed?

As we age, gravity and the loss of fat greatly impact facial fullness. One area in which these effects are most noticeable is in the mid-face area—from your lower eyelids to your smile lines, which are the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth. 

Over time, the mid-face area loses volume and appears more flat, hollow, and sunken. The effect on our face is similar to what happens when you let the air out of a balloon: the skin loosens and folds, and lines or wrinkles begin to appear. This can make us appear more tired or older than we actually are, and for many individuals, this can have a serious effect on their confidence and quality of life. 

FaceTite and Ellevate Procedure with Dr. Sean Paul

FaceTite and Ellevate Procedure with Dr. Sean Paul

Facelift techniques 

There are several techniques for a facelift procedure. Determining which one is right for you will be based on a variety of factors, including your current facial structure, previous facial surgeries (if any), and your aesthetic goals. 

Non-surgical facelifts are also available. A non-surgical facelift may give you the results you’re looking for, without the downtime or cost of a major surgery. During your consultation, we will explain in detail which options are best for you, and why. 

Ellevate: a scarless neck lift and facelift

At Austin Face & Body, we also perform our own signature scarless facelift and neck lift—an entirely rejuvenating non-incision procedure that combines the effectiveness of liposuction, FaceTite™, and Ellevate™, three treatments that achieve excellent results. 

Liposuction loosens and removes excess fat, the Ellevate procedure tightens the neck bands and muscles, and FaceTite uses controlled radiofrequency-assisted skin tightening to provide what has been called an “instant facelift”. If you’re looking for a neck lift that achieves incredible results, please contact us about Ellevate.

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Deep Plane Facelift 

At Austin Face & Body, we offer a deep plane facelift. Unlike a traditional facelift that only removes excess skin and gave patients a “windblown” look, a deep plane facelift resuspends the underlying facial musculature that has dropped over time and restores a natural, youthful appearance. A deep plane facelift is the longest lasting type of facelift. If you’re looking for a dramatically rejuvenating yet natural result, please contact us about a deep plane facelift.

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?

If you’re interested in a facelift in Austin, you may be an ideal candidate. Patients who are just beginning to notice the beginning signs of aging to the mid-face and neck are ideal candidates for a facelift. A mid-facelift targets the area around the nose, eyes, and corners of the mouth. These procedures are particularly effective for patients seeking cheek elevation when the neck and areas beneath the chin do not require lifting.

Choose the right surgeon

When choosing an Austin facelift surgeon, it’s very important to find a specialist with plenty of experience, expertise, and knowledge of the anatomy of the mid-face. This includes all surrounding areas, as well as special training in aesthetics and ultra-smooth wound closures for scar minimization. Our surgeons at Austin Face & Body are all renowned, highly trained specialists from all over the country.

Dr. Lujan recently performed a neck/facelift on me. I am extremely happy with my experience and my results one month since my procedure.

L. Watkins

Revision facelift in Austin

At Austin Face & Body, our surgeons also perform revision facelift surgery, or a “secondary facelift”. This procedure is for those whose primary facelift is no longer effective, or perhaps was never satisfactory to begin with. It takes a very skilled surgeon whose area of expertise is in procedures of the face to perform a revision facelift. It’s a delicate surgery that requires attention to detail and artistry. Whether your original facelift was done a long time ago and needs a touch-up or it’s more recent and you simply aren’t happy with it, if you need an Austin revision facelift, we can help. 

Options for alternative procedures

Fat grafting

Fat grafting and fat transfers involve removing fat from one area on the patient’s body and injecting it into other areas that have lost volume—in this case, the mid-face. Only very tiny amounts of fat are removed, which makes it different than liposuction. Fat transfer of viable fat cells can augment the face, cheeks and chin, providing more volume and therefore a more youthful appearance. Patients typically experience 10 days of recovery time for both the area where fat cells were taken, and the area where they were transferred.

Dermal fillers

Dermal filler injectable treatments such as Juvederm® and Restylane® Lyft can help restore facial volume, creating significant improvement in the mid-face and cheek region. These are all non-surgical face lifts that get great results; however, they are not permanent and will need to be repeated. Treatments are performed in about 30 minutes to an hour, and effects are immediate—although you may need one to two weeks to see the full results and recover from any bruising and swelling.

Austin Face & Body

SOOF lift

A SOOF (sub orbicularis oris fat) lift or “lower eyelid facelift”) can be performed on patients whose lower eyelids are drooping downwards and the tissue loss and fat are causing eye bags. Sub orbicularis oris fat is also the tissue responsible for hollow cheekbones and nasolabial folds, so undergoing a SOOF lift can greatly improve the physical signs of aging. 

By releasing the tissue separating the sub orbicularis oris fat from the ocular fat, the two fatty areas can be combined, and the orbicularis muscle and other tissue can be elevated to correct the deformity with a blepharoplasty. The sub orbicularis oris fat and surrounding tissues can be elevated with a less invasive procedure using sutures. This procedure is more invasive than fat grafting or dermal fillers, and recovery may range between one to two weeks. Swelling and bruising from lower lid surgery accumulates in the lower lids, and sometimes extends into the cheek area.


Following the recommended post-operative instructions and use of ointments or medications prescribed by your surgeon is important to reduce the recovery downtime. Strenuous activities such as lifting heavy weights are not recommended for the immediate post-operative period for any procedure. 


Results for all facelift procedures are apparent shortly after the swelling and bruising have dissipated. For dermal fillers, you will likely want to schedule appointments about five months out to maintain your results. Because fat grafting and SOOF lift surgery usually yield long-lasting results, maintenance appointments will be scheduled few and far between once the patient has fully healed.

Facelift FAQ

What procedures can I combine with my facelift?

A facelift can be well paired with blepharoplasty or a brow lift. Combining cosmetic procedures can help to create comprehensive improvement in all areas of the face. Additionally, a facelift can be performed in tandem with injectables and dermal fillers that can help combat wrinkles, lines and creases. Submental neck liposuction can ensure that the neck appears as youthful and refreshed as the face after a facelift.

Are there any risks with facelift surgery?

All surgeries carry some inherent risks, including anesthesia reactions, bleeding, blood clots and infection. Our team does everything possible to minimize these risks by performing conservatively and following strict guidelines for cleanliness and safety. Some potential complications from facelift surgery are temporary nerve damage, asymmetry, fat necrosis, numbness, poor wound healing, or unsatisfactory scarring.

How much does a facelift cost?

Facelift surgery fees vary, as each client will require a different approach. Pricing will depend on the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees and others. The best way to get an exact quote is to attend a private consultation with our team in Austin. We can sit down with you and discuss your cosmetic concerns in depth, creating a customized plan for resolving your aesthetic issues.

Providers who perform Facelifts at Austin Face & Body

Dr. Sean Paul

Dr. Sean Paul is the founder of Austin Face & Body. As a widely published surgeon who has traveled all over the world to speak, Dr. Paul is renowned and highly regarded in his industry. He specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial plastic surgery in Austin, and is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Sean Paul »

Dr. Jeanie Lujan

Dr. Lujan is an American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) fellowship-trained surgeon specializing in both cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Jeanie Lujan »

Why choose Austin Face & Body?

Founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Paul, Austin Face & Body has quickly risen to become a primary destination for nuanced, personalized facelift results. With an elite Fellowship in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee under his belt, Dr. Paul has developed a strategic, minimally invasive approach to facial procedures that helps clients to achieve their ideal look: natural, refreshed, and youthful. From our team of vetted, compassionate cosmetic professionals to our advanced, cutting-edge technology, we go above and beyond for our clients. Call us today to discover how a facelift can help you to look and feel years younger.

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