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Austin MyEllevate Treatments: Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift

If you have fullness or excess fat in the neck that isn’t going away with diet and exercise and would like to improve the definition of your jawline and neck, Austin Face & Body offers MyEllevate™ treatments, an extremely effective, non-surgical face and neck lift procedure.  

What is MyEllevate?

If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to improve the contour of your face and neck, Ellevate may be the ideal procedure for you. This extraordinary treatment provides a neck lift without any scarring, and achieves outstanding results. Ellevate tightens the neck bands and muscles and goes hand-in-hand with liposuction and FaceTite treatments for a beautifully rejuvenated, more youthful look. 

How does MyEllevate work?

Ellevate uses a suture suspension system to “sew” or “lace” the underlying muscles and glands of the neck together without surgically opening the area. The end result is that the underlying muscles and glands are elevated and supported, which creates a much more sculpted jawline and neck. 

After a series of small punctures has been made along the jawline, a fiberoptic lighted rod (basically, a lighted needle and thread) is used to sew or lace the muscles together. This helps to guide Dr. Paul or Dr. Gay during the procedure.

There are no incisions made or removal of skin—simply a supportive braided polyester suture placed over the muscle and beneath the skin to keep everything firmly in place. Treatments generally take about an hour.

What are the benefits of MyEllevate? 

MyEllevate restores a well-defined and more youthful neck and jawline using entirely nonsurgical means.

  • Nonsurgical
  • Minimally invasive
  • Requires very little recovery downtime
  • Reduces the appearance of a double chin
  • Reduces turkey neck, jowling and skin laxity
  • Treatment is tailored to your needs and goals
  • Significantly improves the signs of early aging

Am I a candidate for MyEllevate? 

Neck rejuvenation with MyEllevate is a great option for patients experiencing the following:

  • Skin laxity
  • Pronounced jowling
  • Turkey Neck (vertical banding)
  • Early onset aging of the chin and neck
  • Subpar jawline contouring and definition
  • Excessive submental fullness, or a double chin
  • Self consciousness or introversion on Zoom and other video conference calls

Ellevate Before & After

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FaceTite and Ellevate Procedure with Dr. Sean Paul

FaceTite and Ellevate Procedure with Dr. Sean Paul

Recovery from MyEllevate

MyEllevate is a minimally invasive procedure done in-office. It’s completed within an hour. Most patients will experience only very mild bruising and/or swelling that typically subsides unassisted within a few days. Little postprocedural care is required, and a compression garment is worn throughout recovery. Patients typically return to work and their social activities a few days after the procedure, avoiding heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.

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The importance of choosing the right surgeon 

This procedure is still relatively new, and there are not many Austin Ellevate surgeons in the area. However, at Austin Face & Body, both Dr. Sean Paul and Dr. David Gay have been trained to expertly perform Ellevate to achieve fantastic results for patients. If you have any questions, concerns, or interest in Ellevate and how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is extremely important to work with a surgeon who has been trained in how to perform an Ellevate non-surgical face and neck lift. 

Schedule a consultation for an Austin MyEllevate treatment

If you’re interested in removing the fullness under your chin and getting a more defined neck and jawline, please contact us about an Ellevate treatment. At Austin Face & Body, the Ellevate procedure is one of our specialties. 

Here, cutting-edge equipment and renowned plastic surgeons come together to deliver an unparalleled patient experience with carefully curated treatments that leave you looking and feeling your very best. Please schedule a consultation with us by calling 512-559-3544, or contact us online.

Ellevate FAQ

Will I be awake during the Ellevate procedure?

Ellevate is performed under local anesthesia.

Can Ellevate be combined with other treatments?

Yes. At Austin Face & Body, we often combine Ellevate with liposuction and FaceTite for optimal results.

Is Ellevate a thread lift?

No. Ellevate is different than a thread lift because a thread lift is temporary, and patients have to return to have a thread lift done again.

The Aesthetic Guide

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