What is BodyFX?

BodyFX has been called “the nonsurgical alternative to liposuction.” It produces three distinct results: it smoothes cellulite, it shrinks fat and it tightens skin. Clinical studies show that patients will lose about an inch on the circumference of treated thighs, for instance, and that its results last for up to 6 months, whereupon a maintenance treatment can be done to address any fat or skin laxity that may have built up in the interim, and thus extend the life of its positive results.

BodyFX is a radiofrequency energy treatment that targets problem areas of fatty tissue buildup. Its proprietary applicator safely delivers precisely controlled radiofrequency energy to trigger optimal heating of the skin and produce a reduction in adipose skin cells (fat), contraction of loose skin and visible body shaping.

Reaching beyond skin surface depth, BodyFX uses a negative pressure massage vacuum to bring the skin into close contact with RF electrodes that heat the dermis and subdermal layers and create deep and uniform results. This light vacuuming helps to suck up the skin and stretch out connective tissue fibers that create the dimpling in cellulite.

What are the benefits of BodyFX?

  • BodyFX produces a visible contraction in the width or circumference of treated areas
  • Significantly reshapes patient body contour
  • Sizably reduces problematic fatty tissue
  • Improves the abdominal area with flattening and toning
  • Reduces cellulite by removing the fat and smoothing the skin
  • Smoothes out and tightens skin
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Am I a candidate for BodyFX?

The ideal BodyFX candidate has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of about 30% or less. This means patients who are generally fit but who need to reduce fat in and reshape or tone specific areas of their body will see the greatest results, however many of our patients above that BMI are also treated to vastly noticeable improvements.

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What areas can be treated with BodyFX?

BodyFX is an effective treatment option for the thighs, abdomen, love handles, flanks, under the chin and on the arms.

How many BodyFX treatments will I need?

Patients will do 1 treatment weekly for 6 weeks. A maintenance treatment is recommended either quarterly or biannually, depending on the conditions the patient presents with or continues to experience.

When will I see the results of BodyFX?

Patients will see initial results within as little as six weeks, with the best results appearing 2 to 3 months after treatment and continuing to improve up to the 6-month mark. The RF energy is used to melt fat out from between the cells and flush it out through your lymphatic system naturally, which requires some time and continues well after treatments. The result is contouring, tightening and smoothing of the treated area, with from 1 to 3 inches of fat often eliminated.

What is the required recovery or downtime after BodyFX?

There is no patient downtime or recovery required after BodyFX treatments. Patients would be able to return to their usual social and professional activities immediately after their 15-30 minute treatments. Throughout the painless procedure, patients will experience only a warming of the skin roughly equivalent to a deep-tissue massage.

Is BodyFX safe?

BodyFX is FDA approved for safe circumferential fat reduction, the smoothing of cellulite and the tightening of skin. During the procedure, an active temperature monitoring system works to control and cut-off emitted energy when a safe and comfortable but effective temperature has been reached.

Why choose Austin Face and Body for BodyFX?

Austin Face & Body proudly brings together nationally-renowned cosmetic surgeons to give you the best in personal care, comfort and confidence. We are here to help you reach your beauty and cosmetic goals and our staff and board-certified surgeons have an eye for excellent results that present naturally as well as the experience necessary to advise on and deliver the very best treatment and results. For you.

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