What is Forma Plus?

Forma Plus is an effective, comfortable and pain-free radiofrequency energy body remodeling treatment that improves wrinkled, fatty or lax skin and results in a more youthful profile and appearance. Effectively addressing cellulite and skin laxity, Forma Plus produces an instant lift and instant results that continue to build over a series of treatments. Applied radiofrequency energy is converted to heat within the dermis, stimulating the natural production of collagen to improve the appearance, texture and elasticity of skin.

Forma Plus can be used to spot-treat and smooth out areas of the skin and tighten them up in ways you couldn’t get from going to the gym, because cellulite is not a fat problem but a skin problem, and because the collagen layers in skin become smashed over time with age. Forma Plus is one of the few FDA approved treatments that effectively treat this.

What are the benefits of Forma Plus?

  • Forma Plus is a quick, easy, painless and relaxing procedure
  • Results are seen after the first treatment and continue to improve
  • Safely diminishes skin laxity and reduces cellulite
  • FDA approved and clinically-proven workability
  • Safely and painlessly produces a more youthful appearance and profile
  • Creates youthful and more supple skin with less fine lines and wrinkles
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Am I a candidate for Forma Plus?

Patients looking for a noninvasive skin tightening procedure to reduce fine to moderate lines and wrinkles and clear away cellulite and lax skin are very likely candidates for Forma Plus. Forma Plus is safe for all skin types and tones and has very little contraindications.

What areas can be treated with Forma Plus?

Forma Plus can be used on most parts of the body that suffer the effects of weight gain and aging. Areas commonly treated with FormaPlus include the lower and upper abdomen, the back, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, the knees, hips and the buttocks.

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How many Forma Plus treatments will I need?

Treatment sessions are recommended weekly over a six to eight week period for best results. Patients with mild skin laxity can be treated in less sessions and with longer breaks between treatments. You will see the best results come in over time following a regularly scheduled series of treatments.

When will I see the results of Forma Plus?

The results of Forma Plus begin with the first treatment session and continue to improve over time. Multiple treatments are required for the best results and progress is made with each treatment session.

What is the required recovery or downtime after Forma Plus?

Forma Plus is an enjoyable and painless procedure that requires no patient downtime. Patients liken the treatment to having a hot stone massage, and clinical evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to the temperature used (42 degrees celsius) produces the best outcome. While treated areas may briefly redden or turn pinkish, this subsides naturally within a few hours and all patients are able to return to their routine daily activities immediately.

Is Forma Plus safe?

Forma Plus is a nonsurgical and noninvasive procedure that is safe for all skin tones and skin types. It is FDA approved and has been the subject of peer-reviewed clinical trials proving its safety and efficacy. The device’s built-in safety mechanisms ensure skin temperatures don’t exceed safe limits while still allowing for effective collagen production, fat reduction and skin tightening. The RF energy automatically cuts off when the handpiece registers that the desired temperature has been reached.

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