Dr. Sean Paul

"10/10!!!! My experience with Dr. Paul and Emily has been nothing short of amazing. I originally planned to fly out to California for my lower bleph until I found Dr. Paul (I'm very picky and have been doing research for years). His staff worked to schedule my consultation on a time crunch because I had to make a decision quickly as my surgery in California was approaching. Dr. Paul listened to my concerns, advised against certain procedures I mentioned– like an upper bleph and fat transfer– and created a comprehensive plan suitable for my specific concerns and age (26). And I'm so glad I went with his suggestions because I have never felt more confident in my own skin! I was very nervous on the day of the surgery– I cried a few times– but the entire team was so compassionate and kind. Ultimately I felt safe and in good hands. The surgery went flawlessly and the recovery was a breeze. I'm a week and a half post-op and I look 100% healed. I was able to go out this past week and do all of the things I'd normally do. No scars, no swelling, no bruising, feeling amazing! I am so grateful to Dr. Paul for giving me results better than I dreamed of." By A.B.

"I am a primary care physician based in Austin, TX, and I wholeheartedly recommend Austin Face & Body to all of my patients who want to discuss plastic surgery. I’ve personally had eyelid surgery from Dr. Sean Paul, and eyebrow lift from Dr. Jeanie Lujan, and every one of my experiences there have been top-notch. The providers actively listen to you and work with you on your individual plan. There was never a time where I didn’t fully understand the process. Both of my providers were great at answering questions, and they were candid / clear about the expectations and process. My experience during the procedures was very easy in the recovery with straightforward, I think they did amazing jobs! My results were very natural, and I am extremely satisfied. Emily is an amazing aesthetician - friendly and great at talking about what to expect from aesthetic processes. I plan on going back for laser treatments soon! My only regret is that I didn’t see them earlier!!!" By S.H.

"I had my upper eye lids done by Dr. Paul in June and I am thrilled at how well they turned out.   I no longer have the weight of the extra skin above my eyes, I can see so much better, and not to mention how great my eyes look.   I have received many compliments too.” By D.I.

“Extremely pleased with all aspects of this surgery. Dr. Paul has good bedside manners and carefully explains all steps in the process. Very little pain after surgery and immediate positive results. Good follow-up. One caution, the swelling immediately after surgery is more than you might expect but don’t be alarmed. It goes down quickly and isn’t painful just ugly.” By G.N.

“I have nothing to say about Dr. Sean Paul BUT he is the BEST DOCTOR I have ever had. He calls his patients before and after surgery. He calls!!! Whoa! When was the last time you had a Doctor call you on his way home and check on you. I. Appreciate the kindness and the concern, he puts forward. Thank you Dr. Paul!!!!! If you want a Doctor that we’ll take the BEST care of you then this is the one to call.” By A.F.

“Dr. Sean Paul is very knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough Doctor. He did an amazing job on my lower blepharoplasty surgery. His bedside manners are awesome, he even called to check up on me after my surgery showing me he genuinely cares. Thank You Dr. Paul and to your amazing staff keep up the awesome service!” By L.A.

“As a first-timer, I just have to comment on the fantastic service and staff! Wow. From check in to check out, I felt that I was in great hands. Dr. Paul has a wealth of information and really knows what he’s talking about. So glad I found this place!” By M.F.

“Dr. Paul was amazing he is very explanatory of what is going on what to expect. I would reccomend him to anyone :) honestly.” By S.C.

“Seen very quickly; very welcoming and professional staff. Dr. Paul is one of the best doctors I’ve met – very personable, very knowledgable, very clean on his diagnosis and prognosis. I was very happy to have found his clinic, and am very satisfied after my one-week follow-up.” By K.J.

“If every doctor was just like Dr. Sean Paul and had the staff that he has- I would never read reviews or be nervous about seeing a new doctor. He puts your worries at ease, has the best bedside manner and genuinely cares. He is knowledgeable and thorough with his work. No words can express my gratitude for Dr. Paul. He is prompt in answering questions and concerns, EVEN on the weekend! What doctor does that??? Well, he does. It would be a mistake for you to invest your time with ANY other doctor.” By L.E.

My experience with Dr. Sean Paul and his staff has been the very best, pre/post surgery was handled excellent by his staff and worked with me in every way possible. They truly go the extra mile to help, unheard of nowadays. I’m lucky to have a wonderful team and highly recommend this team.By B.H.

“Dr Sean Paul is an excellent surgeon. I had cancer surgery to my lower eye lid that took out about a quarter size of my skin. Dr Paul did such an amazing job returning my eyelid to looking completely normal. I get complements all the time! Thank you Dr Paul! I recommend you to everyone i know who needs eyelid surgery!” By Tamara F.

“Just an outstanding physician experience sums it up. Dr Paul has a terrific staff of involved and patient oriented team members who put the patient, their safety and comfort first. They reflect well on the Doctor before you even see him. Dr Paul himself is a very friendly guy, down to earth with a good sense of humor that doesn’t hide how intelligent and capable he is. He gives you a sense of confidence that things will turn out well, and they certainly have for me. I heartily recommend him to anyone needing specialty work around the face and eyes. I think you will find the whole doctor – patient relationship at a much better level than many, if not any, experiences you have had before. A ten out of ten.” By C.B.

“My inherited ‘droopy eyelids’ impacted my ability to see. Stoplights and reading were particularly problematic. I was constantly raising my forehead to lift my lids out of my field of vision. My ophthalmologist and retina specialist both recommended Dr. Paul. Dr Paul and his staff are exceptionally friendly and put me completely at ease at my first visit. Any surgery is a bit nervous making, but the procedure at a surgery center was quick and completely comfortable. Recuperation was easy, although I did have to be a lot less active than my usual for a short period. No big gyms workouts. I was happily surprised there was no pain involved during or after surgery!! Not even an aspirin needed! There is some minimal residual swelling still, but am healing well and was immediately happy with my new vision and with my experience with Dr Paul!” By D.F.

“Voluma from Dr. Paul produced fantastic results and was well worth what I spent. I was nervous about surgery and recovery time with a lower bleph, so this helped delay that eventual surgery for a few years. 6 weeks later, things look great, healing was quick, bruising was minimal, and I am very pleased. Dr. Paul is easy to work with and followed through after the procedure, and has excellent staff. Great experience all around.” By P.C.

Dr. Sean Paul puts your worries at ease, has the best bedside manner, and genuinely cares.


Dr. Cain Linville

“This was my first time at Dr. Linville, I’ve been doing lip fillers for around 3 years now and I’ve never had results this good. He takes his time to explain EVERYTHING, he builds up the fillers little by little and is very meticulous. The final result looks so natural and SO good, I already got tons of compliments. Also COMPLETELY pain free, he applied a numbing cream and used that vibration device nuvibe, amazing. Staff is extremely friendly as well. Definitely recommend!!!” By Marcela F.

“I am four months post breast augmentation and couldn’t be more pleased with the results and the process of getting here. A bit of background on me - I always wanted to enhance my breasts but it took awhile for me to take the plunge. I am so glad I did and wish I would have done it sooner. Dr. Linville is the epitome of where art meets science -- I told him what I was looking for and voila! I had very little discomfort after surgery and healed quickly. I would and have recommended him to friends!” By Stacey W.

“Dr. Linville is the Michelangelo of plastic surgery. He has special hands. Had a great experience. His work is excellent. He did such amazing work on me. When I see myself in the mirror I still can’t believe that is my new body. Thanks Dr. Linville. For many years I was so embarrassed of my body after having 3 kids. I’m only 1 months out of my mommy makeover & gosh I Love my new body.” By bahenasarah83

“Fantastic Experience! Dr Linville and his staff are exceptional! If you are looking for individualized attention, a knowledgeable surgeon who truly cares about you, and want phenomenal results, this is the practice! I could not be happier with my experience and strongly recommend Dr. Linville and all of his staff!” By akypb

“Dr. Cain Linville changed my life!! I am so happy because I can now show my tummy off (when before I was embarrassed.) Dr. Linville is a very talented plastic surgeon, he is the most talented person/Surgeon that I know. My results of my Tummy Tuck ise just amazing, my self esteem is now out the roof, thanks to Dr. Linville for his faithfulness with his patients. He is smart, compassionate, honest, friendly, great bedside manners and he takes his time to speak to you and answer any question you might have. I’m happy with my Tummy Tuck. Thank you Dr. Linville for making me love myself again. I recommend Dr. Linville to be your Plastic surgeon.” By bigwade0

“Dr. Linville is AMAZING! I got referred by a friend after looking for a doctor and I am so glad I decided to allow him to do my surgery I have amazing results and his prices are very Reasonable especially for his spectacular work!!!!” By Erickagz

“I’ve never loved my stomach. I HATED it after pregnancy. No matter how healthy of a lifestyle I maintained, the loose, dimpled skin just got looser. I looked into tummy tucks for yearsssss, and seriously so for the last two. After the two years I not only decided to do ahead, but I chose a dr. Dr. Linville and his staff were wonderful from start to finish. I was calm and confident start to finish.” By MBrookes

“I am still in shock about how amazing my results are! I have a newfound confidence I never thought I would have. Dr. Linville and his staff are AMAZING. They made me so comfortable (this was my first surgery ever!) I was so scared going into it that I wouldn’t have results like my goal pictures because it was such a dramatic difference but I look exactly like/ if not better than those pictures. The healing process was definitely rough since I did so much at once, but it was all handled extremely well and I felt very safe due to how well Linville and his team would check in on me. My scarring is all very low and I have a perfect bellybutton!! I can’t explain how happy I am and I am so glad I decided to travel and use Dr. Linville to change my life!” By ggdayton

“Dr. Linville has been nothing less than genuinely kind, professional, and knowledgeable since I began my breast cancer journey last August. Dr. Linville placed my tissue expanders after my double mastectomy, and will perform my reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Linville has consistently been kind and professional, and has never rushed us during appointments. He has patiently answered all our questions and explained his treatment plan in a manner we can understand. My husband and I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Linville and his staff.” By MBrissenden

“My experience with Dr. Linville has been wonderful! He has great bedside manner and really made me comfortable on my decision to get breast implants. Him and his staff were very helpful before and after the surgery and answered any questions I had. Thankyou so much! Treat me well and I will be your patient for life! Dr. Linville you have gone above and beyond to earn it! Thankyou again!” By hello12345743

“I’ve always been a member of the little bitty booty crew. I’m in my early 40s and I have a kid in college. This decision was a shameless selfish one. It was time for me, and I’m so glad I did it. I chose Dr. Cain Linville...FOR THE WIN (I had 3 on my list)...Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! From consult (actually did 2 of them) to post op, this man has blessed hands. I had 360 lipo and BBL. (Tummy tuck on a later date) He truly cares and keeps it real...Dr Linville is brilliant, charismatic and bedside manner is top notch...Thanks Dr Linville!” By xxxx

“Amazing breast augmentation experience! Prior to my procedure, I had MANY consultations with other doctors and always walked away feeling unsure. Before I walked out of Dr. Linville’s office, I knew he would give me the results I wanted. He was patient with me, clear on the procedure, and aftercare. On top of that, his staff is very personable, friendly and responsive. If I had any questions, they were very accessible and helpful.” By JenGotcha01

Dr. Linville is the Michelangelo of plastic surgery. He has special hands. His work is excellent.


Dr. Jeanie Lujan

“My surgery with Dr. Jeanie Lujan on January 10, 2023, was a great experience. She performed a brow lift and a quad blepharoplasty to correct my sagging brow and eyelids.  My appearance has changed as my eyes look so much brighter and open.  The minimal scarring has almost disappeared!  I would definitely recommend Dr. Lujan to anyone wanting this type of surgery because she is a skilled surgeon, very informative, very friendly, and always had plenty of time to answer questions during the consultation and follow-up appointments.” By Sherry N.

“Having surgery is not my idea of fun but Austin Face and Body made it as easy and painless as possible. Every step of the process was seamless and Dr. Jeanie was a dream to work with. I truly felt I was in excellent hands with everyone at Austin Face and Body.” By Tommy T.

“Dr. Lujan recently performed a neck/facelift on me. I am extremely happy with my experience and my results one month since my procedure. She has been excellent at listening to my personal story and applying her skills to help achieve my desired appearance. Her confidence and positive attitude has put me at ease as I continue my journey.” By L.W.

“Dr. Jeanie Lujan is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. Not only is she an accomplished facial plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, but she is an incredibly nice person as well. She and the staff at Austin Face & Body made me feel very comfortable and supported throughout my procedure. I highly recommend them!” By J.A.

“I am so ridiculously pleased with the results of my procedures by Drs. Paul and Lujan. I had the Myellevate treatment by Dr. Paul and an osteoma removal by Dr. Lujan. I would not hesitate to return for additional procedures with Austin Face & Body and am happy to make the four hour drive from my home, confident in the care and results I would receive from the entire team at Austin Face & Body.” By Stephanie B.

“Five stars. I came in a total train wreck , the bride of Frankenstein , Dr. Lujan put me at ease walked side by side through every procedure to put Humpty Dumpty together again. In everything that was done, I was made to feel as a person , not just another patient . My face went from a total train wreck back to me. How I don’t know , but Dr. L. Made it all happen . I could go on and on but trust me , one could never go wrong with procedures done by this team !!!! Five stars …. No 10,005 stars !!!!!!!” By Robert B.

“Dr. Jeanie Lujan is a miracle worker AND she has a fantastic personality! Shortly after my surgery I had many people coming up to me to ask about my new hair style (didn't have one) or my new make-up (didn't have any) and when they learned that they would stare. They said I looked great but couldn't figure out the reason. I looked years younger but so natural no one knew why.....that's a miracle job! I had written a prior long review on her great personality and surgery skills only later learning it never got entered so this much shorter version is to make sure others are aware she is out there and does a great job even on 70 year young women!” By Realself Patient.

Dr. Chris Schneider

I had my lipo done with doctor Chris Schneider and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. My first surgery had to be interrupted because of me getting sick, and they were kind enough to postpone and help me schedule again. He is a sweet and patient doctor, he didn't push me to get anything I didn't want and I can't wait to see the final results! 
By RealSelf Patient

Dr. Chris Schneider is amazing!  My husband was in a mountain biking accident and needed surgery to repair a large laceration on his face.  Dr. Schneider was calm and reassuring as he explained the procedure that my husband required.  We are so happy that Dr. Schneider (having just come off of a 10 hour complicated surgery) was still able to come to the emergency room and take care of my husband.  The scar (which I thought would be ghastly) is nothing short of amazing! Like, seriously, it was a deep, jagged gash that Dr. Schneider repaired…and here we are only 2 weeks out and the scar is minimal…truly amazing!  He was even able to to repair the lips that looked like ground beef after the accident and now look like nothing ever happened.  We are thrilled with the results and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Schneider.
By Cindy T.

My experience with Austin Face & Body was incredible from start to finish. I was not blessed in the breast area and knew I wanted a change.
When I met with Dr. Schneider for my consultation, his nurse and him immediately made me feel comfortable and welcomed. He was so knowledgeable, honest and professional. I left confident knowing he would be my surgeon and booked shortly afterwards!

The surgery and recovery process were far better than I imagined. Recovery has been so simple. I even went shopping the same day :) All of the random questions I had post-op I thought would drive him crazy, but Dr. Schneider was always quick to respond and answer all of them.

He is a true magician, and I cannot recommend him enough. My decision to get breast augmentation surgery was one of the best personal decisions I have ever made. I have never been happier with the way my body looks!

Thank you, Dr. Schneider!
By Katie H.

Dr. Schneider was absolutely amazing. He made me feel so comfortable and knew exactly what I was looking for. I am so incredibly happy with my results and I’ve recommended him to all my friends! He was incredibly knowledgeable and was always so responsive when I texted him with questions. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with him or with Austin Face and Body!
By Sasha G.

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