Skin issues have plagued humanity throughout history. Over the past century, various skin treatments have grown in popularity, giving us new ways to take on these issues. While popular treatments such as chemical peels can address issues such as acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and skin tone issues usually require a more intensive treatment that is fine-tuned to their specific problems. Fortunately, Moxi Laser treatments are an effective way to revitalize various skin types.

What is Moxi Laser treatment?

Moxi is an innovative laser treatment that gently lightens and refreshes the skin’s surface in a quick session with little downtime. Moxi has proven to be incredibly effective at addressing numerous skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation and melasma. It was initially created as a response to the demand for more preventative skincare treatments. 

Moxi technology is primarily designed as a preventative skin care protocol, which is sometimes labeled as “prejuvenation.” This skincare protocol is suitable for patients of all skin types struggling with various skin issues. Moxi treatments are a great option for patients of all types, whether they have just begun their skincare journey or are further along and looking for a touch-up. 

What are the benefits of Moxi laser treatment?

Moxi is a cutting-edge laser treatment that is designed to gently refresh and revitalize the skin in a quick session and very little downtime. 

Moxi laser treatments are considered to be the most effective way to treat pigmentation issues, such as melasma, which can be exacerbated by other laser procedures. Moxi technology is much lighter and gentler, enabling it to be combined with Broad Band Light therapy. 

Additional benefits of Moxi include:

  • A quick, cost-effective procedure that can be carried out in less than half an hour
  • The procedure involves single-use tools, ensuring that optimal hygiene is maintained throughout
  • There is no long recovery period or downtime following the treatment
  • Patients won’t experience much redness after the treatment 
  • There is minimal swelling (if any) 
  • Post-procedural instructions are simple (no wearing makeup or doing any heavy exercise for 24 hours)

Who is an ideal candidate for Moxi?

Virtually all patients qualify as candidates for Moxi laser treatments. Moxi is considered to be a great treatment for anyone who is looking to improve the look of their skin. That said, older patients who want to maintain their looks over time can also benefit from this quick, simple, and highly effective treatment.  

The Moxi laser is considered to be safe for use on most patients. However, patients with darker skin tones may require a gentler and more careful approach, as the lasers often have trouble locking onto pigment irregularities in areas where there is little contrast. 

What does a Moxi laser procedure entail?

Moxi  is a nonabrasive laser treatment that is highly effective at treating various skin issues, especially those related to signs of aging. These lasers work by emitting lasers that deliver non-ablative energy into the deepest layers of the skin, triggering a massive boost in collagen production. As a building block of the skin, higher collagen levels will ultimately lead to new, fresh skin that evokes youth and vitality. Patients who undergo the procedure notice both a huge improvement in skin tone as well as more even pigmentation throughout their faces (or other treatment areas). 

What sets Moxi  apart from other skin care procedures is that it is specifically aimed at younger patients who want to nip signs of aging in the bud before they develop into more serious issues. The laser has a fractionated 1927 nm wavelength, which can achieve a remarkable level of rejuvenation with little-to-no downtime. As such, patients who undergo these treatments won’t have to miss out on any social events afterward. Since its inception, Moxi has come to be renowned for administering laser energy directly into the skin and treating early signs of aging, regardless of the patient’s skin type or the time of year it is. 

What areas can be treated with Moxi?

Moxi laser treatments can be performed on various skin types and tones and can address issues both in the face and the body. Some of the most common treatment areas for Moxi include:

  • The neck
  • The chest
  • The hands
  • The arms
  • The legs
  • The face

Why Choose Austin Face and Body?

Founded by Dr. Sean Paul, Austin Face & Body is dedicated to providing only the best and most innovative care available today. To that end, our team includes some of the most skilled specialists in the world who are passionately dedicated to innovation in all of their respective fields. We keep up with all of the newest developments in the world of medicine and cosmetology, ensuring that our patients receive only the most up-to-date, safest treatments possible. 

Dr. Paul and the team at Austin Face and Body possess a wealth of expertise in various procedures and treatment methods, which they use to curate individualized treatment plans that get patients to where they want to be. More than anything, we are committed to patient satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone achieves their desired outcome.

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