When patients complain of bulging eyes that appear larger than the rest of their features, we recommend cosmetic orbital decompression. This specialized surgery reshapes the eye socket, allowing the eyeballs to sit farther back, in a more natural position.

Bulging eyes: An overview

Bulging eyes can cause a number of cosmetic and functional issues. In some cases, both eyes are too large. In others, one eye bulges and the other doesn’t, creating an asymmetrical effect. In terms of functionality, bulging eyes can be painful because the condition exposes the eyes to too much air. For all of these reasons, many of our patients want to correct the issue. 

There are many causes of bulging eyes. They include: 

  • Graves’ disease
  • Orbital tumors
  • Shallow orbit
  • Sunken cheek bones
  • Large eyeballs

At Austin Face & Body, we focus on helping patients who have inherited bulging eyes and want to correct them, achieving a specific cosmetic improvement. 

An advanced solution for bulging eyes

Orbital decompression has been used as a procedure for over a hundred years to treat eye-related diseases. Traditionally, it has been performed on patients with Graves’ Disease when medical therapy fails. However, it’s increasingly being used on a purely cosmetic basis to change the way a patient’s eyes relate to the rest of their face.

There are many benefits to this surgery. They include:

  • Reducing eye dryness and tearing
  • Reducing abrasions on your eye
  • Eyes that look smaller, and more proportionate to the rest of your features

Your private consultation:
Planning your transformation

At Austin Face & Body, we customize each orbital decompression surgery for our patients. We begin with a thorough eye examination, imaging, and lab work. From there, we talk to you about your cosmetic goals and expectations, including how you’d like your eyes to look after surgery. Our goal is for you to leave this meeting knowing exactly what to expect before, during and after your orbital decompression procedure. 

The procedure

What to expect

Cosmetic orbital decompression is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. To begin, we will make an incision hidden in the upper eyelid crease or inside the eyelid. Through that discreet opening, we can access the space around and behind the eyeball. In that area, we will precisely shave away bone and remove fat to create more space within the eye socket. The eyes will gradually sit farther back in the sockets, creating a more natural and relaxed expression. 


You will need to rest, and avoid heavy lifting and bending for about one week as your body heals. Bruising and swelling in the area is normal, and should subside in about two weeks. In seven to ten days, you should be able to resume your normal activity, including wearing contact lenses. 

Am I a candidate?

Most patients who suffer from naturally prominent, bulging eyes are considered candidates for cosmetic orbital decompression. In addition, you should be healthy enough to undergo surgery and have realistic expectations for what the procedure can accomplish. 

Schedule a consultation

If you’re interested in learning more about what cosmetic orbital decompression can do for you, please contact Austin Face & Body today to schedule a consultation. 

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