Hi-def lipo is a state-of-the-art technology that creates a three-dimensional shape of the treated areas – bringing your underlying muscular contours to the forefront of your figure. Its targeted ultrasound energy removes fat, defines muscles, and restores more ideal proportions. When our patients request six-pack abs and beautifully athletic figures, our plastic surgeons often turn to hi-def lipo to help them reach their goals. 

Hi-Def Lipo:

How does it work?

Hi-def lipo dislodges unwanted fat cells using ultrasonic energy. Fat cells beneath the skin are affixed with connective tissue. Our surgeons use high-frequency resonant ultrasonic energy to shake this structure, clearing away the fat cells while keeping the connective tissue intact. 

Common treatment areas

  • Obliques and abdomen
  • Upper arms and shoulders
  • Thighs, hips, and buttocks

The benefits

For many of our Austin patients, hi-def lipo offers a host of benefits when compared to traditional approaches. The biggest advantage is that the procedure enables three-dimensional sculpting by treating deep and superficial layers of tissue together, with a smooth transition between the two. In this way, our surgeons can carve away pockets of fat that are close to the skin, revealing the natural muscular contours beneath. 

  • Enhanced skin retraction for smooth results
  • Treat multiple target areas in a single procedure
  • A gentler alternative to traditional liposuction
  • Tools and techniques that can customize the procedure based on the patient’s goals
  • The ability to sculpt with precision – creating athletic definition

Abdominal etching

The next frontier in body sculpting

One of our most popular procedures, abdominal etching is a liposuction technique that can enhance your waistline and reveal six-pack abs. For patients who have tried for years – or even decades – to sculpt visible abs at the gym, abdominal etching can help make those goals a reality, so your body reflects the hard work you’ve put in. 

During an abdominal etching procedure, our surgeons will use hi-def lipo to carve fat deposits off the body, through small incisions around your navel. This enhances your anatomy’s natural grooves and increases the prominence of your ab muscles. In many cases, we can target the oblique muscles as well, narrowing the midsection.

Woman in a grey sports bra and shorts

Your consultation:

Planning your transformation

With the right plastic surgeon, hi-def lipo and abdominal etching are customizable surgeries that can transform your figure. During your consultation, we will carefully assess the problem areas you’d like treated. After a thorough discussion about your medical history, lifestyle and aesthetic goals, we will create a customized plan to use hi-def lipo to remove unwanted fat, sculpt the area, and reveal the muscular figure you want. 

The procedure:

What to expect

Hi-def lipo is an outpatient procedure that can take between one and four hours to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area. To begin, we will inject a tumescent fluid into the area, similar to traditional liposuction. This will block pain and minimize bleeding. 

From there, we will create a small incision through which we will place a specialized cannula. The ultrasonic energy will gently break the unwanted fat off the connective tissue, making it soft and easy to remove without aggressive suctioning. This results in precise results – along with less trauma, bruising, and swelling. 


The length and severity of your recovery period will depend on the number of areas treated during surgery. However, most patients can expect to take at least five days off from work – and maybe more for extensive treatments. 

You will need to wear a compression garment for two days after hi-def lipo to reduce swelling and prevent the build-up of fluid. Drains will be placed to serve the same purpose. We will give you detailed post-op instructions after surgery, but you can expect to gradually return to your regular exercise routine within about two weeks. 

Your results

After hi-def lipo at Austin Face & Body, the treated area should appear sculpted and athletic. The new muscular contours will be visible six weeks post-op, but they will continue to improve over the next four months. To maintain your new figure and continue looking and feeling your best, we recommend adhering to a healthy diet and exercise plan, staying hydrated, and avoiding any large weight fluctuations. 

Am I a candidate?

We can confirm your candidacy during your private consultation at our Austin office. However, if your goal is highly precise body contouring and sculpting, rather than overall fat reduction, hi-def lipo may be a great solution. In general, we’ve found that the best candidates are women and men who are active, close to their ideal body weight, and in good health – but still struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that are not responsive to their healthy lifestyle. 

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What are the scars like with hi-def lipo?

The scars associated with hi-def lipo are so small that they tend to be virtually imperceptible once healed. This is especially true for abdominal etching procedures. During surgery, we will place these incisions strategically within the lines between your abdominal muscles, so they are very discreet.

Traditional or hi-def lipo?

Deciding between traditional and hi-def lipo depends on your medical history, the location of your unwanted fat, and your aesthetic goals. Hi-def lipo creates dramatic, three-dimensional results that can target very specific areas of your body. It’s an exact, precise procedure for patients who want precise results. 

If you’re less concerned with revealing your underlying musculature, and instead want to remove small pockets of fat to achieve a more general smoothing and contouring of your figure, then we may recommend traditional liposuction as being in your best interest. 

Providers who perform Hi Def Liposuction at Austin Face & Body

Dr. Chris Schneider

Dr. Chris Schneider is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who also specializes in microsurgery. He is a native Texan who is proud to return home to the Lone Star State after nearly a decade of intense surgical training.

Dr. Chris Schneider »

Dr. Cain Linville

Double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Cain Linville is an outstanding cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who delivers exceptionally patient-centric care.

Dr. Cain Linville »

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