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The nose is such a prominent part of the face that it can cause an individual to dislike their entire appearance if they are unhappy with it. As a facial feature that’s at the front and center, the nose should bring balance to the face. We can accomplish this with an Austin rhinoplasty procedure, one of our specialty surgeries.

Beautiful nose, beautiful face

The nose draws the eye because it sits in the center of the face. Because of this, even a very small imperfection can throw off the balance of your entire face. Straightening a crooked nose, removing bumps, or improving a nasal tip can be a life-changing procedure because it can provide a patient with an entirely newfound confidence.

Rhinoplasty in Austin

Key benefits of a rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty procedure can:

  • Make the nose larger or smaller
  • Decrease nostril size
  • Straighten crooked or broken nose
  • Re-shape the nasal tip
  • Reduce nasal bridge
  • Improve overall facial harmony
  • Improve breathing
  • Correct issues regarding a deviated septum

Why get a rhinoplasty?

Every patient will have a different reason for choosing to undergo a rhinoplasty. Some have wanted to change their nose since childhood. For others, it may be a more recent consideration because their nose has been broken or has begun to change with age. No matter what the reason, we will customize your Austin rhinoplasty procedure to address your specific concerns and aesthetic goals. 

How is a rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty is performed under either general anesthesia or IV sedation, and either an open rhinoplasty technique or a closed rhinoplasty technique will be done. Typically an open rhinoplasty with small incisions on the outside of the nose is needed for patients who need more complicated changes. This allows the surgeon to properly re-shape the nose. A closed rhinoplasty means that the surgeon will make smaller incisions made within the nostrils. Determining which technique is right for you will be discussed during your consultation.

Rhinoplasty Before & After

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Recovery and results 

Rhinoplasty recovery can take up to two weeks, but it’s wise to plan four weeks of healing time before any sort of social event. Many patients experience a “stuffy nose” feeling during recovery, and swelling, bruising, and discomfort are common as well. The swelling will go down a lot in two weeks’ time, but will continue to fade over the next several months. 

The amount of swelling can often be alarming to patients, but please be aware that swelling after a rhinoplasty is common and may take a while to go down. We advise patients to keep their head elevated and use cold packs to help alleviate these. You will also need to follow every instruction provided by our staff for post-up care. If your nose was dressed with any tape or splints, these will be removed in one week. Our staff is available to help with any questions or concerns you may have about rhinoplasty recovery.

Austin Nose Job

Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty?

If you’re interested in a nose job in Austin, you may be a great candidate. Ideal candidates are individuals who are in good general health, do not smoke, and who understand what a rhinoplasty can accomplish. We recommend that patients are older than 18 to ensure that the nose has completed growing. If you are younger than 18, you may be a great candidate in a few years. 

Your rhinoplasty consulation

When it comes to rhinoplasty, it’s important that patients have realistic expectations with defined goals. During your consulation, we will go over your specific desired outcome, as well as your current aesthetic concerns about your nose. Our priority is to achieve the nose you want, while keeping your safety and wellbeing in the forefront.

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