This is my first post about breast cancer results. I have debated the idea of posting reconstructive results because cancer is such a personal experience, and we can’t always control the way things heal in reconstructive surgery. Additionally, patients may require radiation or chemotherapy after surgery that significantly affect the results. However, these results gave my patient HOPE. I wish you could see the smile on her face and the difference in her attitude between the first photo right after her diagnosis and the second photo after her reconstructive surgery. It is truly life changing, and I believe this will give women facing breast cancer HOPE!
I will be posting more results in the future with the HOPE of spreading information about breast cancer reconstruction options.
A new breast cancer diagnosis is scary and comes with a significant amount of information. On the surgery side of treatment, patients will have a breast surgical oncologist and a plastic surgeon. The breast surgeon performs the oncologic portion of the operation to remove the breast cancer. As the plastic surgeon, I then perform the reconstruction to rebuild the breast and try to help restore a sense of normalcy. The reconstruction can be done at the same time as the oncologic surgery, delayed until a later date, or a combination of both. More to come on timing and types of reconstruction!
This brave patient was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. She had chemotherapy prior to surgery to shrink the tumors. Dr. Aimee Mackey (@aimeemackey) of #texasoncology then performed bilateral skin-sparing mastectomies. We were unable to save the nipples due to the nature of the cancer. The mastectomy was done through a wise pattern lift incision that would allow me to lift the implants on the chest wall and correct her pre-operative ptosis (sagginess). Although this is an early result, she looks and feels phenomenal! Most importantly, the cancer is GONE! She is looking forward to getting nipple tattoos with the @weareperky girls in a couple months and complete her reconstruction! I will post an update then!  

Performed By: Chris Schneider, MD

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